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Fight for survival in a desperate world


Destiny is the new release from Bungie, the original Halo developer team. With this impressive classic on their resumé, Bungie brings their new Massive Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter (MMOFPS) title for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the next generation consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game features several ways for customizing your character physically or in the fighting style, as well as a massive environments to explore such as the moon.

The plot of Destiny sets us in an almost destroyed planet Earth, and you as a warrior must defend the last city left standing. With the solar system almost in ruins, the arrival of the Traveler brought a new human Golden Age that ended with the threat of new enemies. The population that could survive did it thanks to the protection of the Traveler, the mysterious sphere that levitates over the Earth. Resolve the origin of the alien menace and investigate exotic environments such as the dunes of Mars or the jungles of Venus.

Destiny sets us in an almost destroyed planet Earth, and you as a warrior must defend the last city left standing

Technically, the release offers large environments to be explored in the single player or multiplayer mode, some of them resembling those from Mass Effect. The models for both weapons and characters are highly detailed with sci-fi themes and plasma-like rifles. The HD graphics offer high quality for general effects coming from weapons and the character’s skills.

Awesome graphic effects
Awesome graphic effects

More details

With Destiny, Bungie proposes a Massive Multiplayer game with more customizable options than other similar titles. For this reason, there are three different races to choose between, and different kinds of classes and subclasses. If we take a look at the races, you will find the Humans, the original inhabitants of the Earth; the Awoken, an elf-based people surrounded by mystery, and finally the Exo, the sinister race inspired by robots.

Once you have selected one of these races, you can create your character with different classes that will determine their main skills and weak points. You can pick a Warlock, which bases their skills on arcane energies and different kinds of abilities; Titan, specialized in heavy weapons and powerful melee attacks, and finally Hunters; quick and deadly units influenced by the classic bounty hunters. The gameplay changes depending on the class you choose, so do it wisely.

The single player campaign, according to the developers, resembles those from Halo games, such as immersive experiences in distant worlds and an unrecognizable planet Earth in a post-apocalyptic setting. The multiplayer mode, one of the most attractive features of the release, promises to be in some way different to the classic mode, offering a new kind of experience. The stages can suffer changes during the game; plus they are designed to be more vertical than horizontal.

High action battles
High action battles

Destiny Full Version Features

Here are the main features of Destiny:

  • Enjoy the new sci-fi universe created by Bungie, the fathers of the Halo series
  • Three different races, each one with their own strong and weak points and with different gameplay abilities
  • Customize your character with different physical aspects and upgrade your weapons for enhancing their features
  • A new massive multiplayer experience in a global setting that brings additional possibilities to a whole new world
  • RPG details that offer more immersive gameplay, giving rewards to their players for a proper development

For further details, visit the official game’s website through this link.

System Requirements

Here you can check the list of playable platforms for Destiny:

  • Consoles: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3



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